What Is the Purpose of Having a Business Address?


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Some purposes for having a business address include exuding a professional appearance to customers, having a central location for all business mail, the ability to meet clients at a single location and access to local search engine results. Many business owners also need an address to file various legal documents.

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One benefit of having a business address is that it provides a professional and trustworthy image to customers, depending on its formatting. For example, an address that includes an apartment number or a P.O. box may not instill confidence in customers, whereas a full street address or a suite number gives the appearance of higher status. Many business owners also maintain a separate business address to ensure that all mail for the company arrives at one place, rather than at the home of the owner or an employee. This also makes it possible for all other members of the company to access the mail at any time.

A business address that is associated with a non-residential location also allows the owner to schedule meetings with clients in a professional manner. A separate business office, or a room within an existing business, means a greater level of privacy for all parties and may make the clients trust the business more. Business addresses also appear in local search results, which may otherwise exclude the business if it links to a residential address.

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