What Is the Purpose of Gallup Surveys?

What Is the Purpose of Gallup Surveys?

The purpose of employee engagement surveys by Gallup is to measure the engagement of employees. Other Gallup surveys are designed to measure economic confidence and can also be used for identifying approval rates of political figures.

Employers can distribute the survey results and explain what the items mean to the employees and the entire organization. The survey helps employers identify the issues that they need to work on to make progress in the workplace.

Gallup employee engagement surveys eliminate the need to spend hours and reams of paper to understand employees’ level of engagement. The survey asks 12 questions related to elements that are tied to performance outcomes. Respondents receive a score between one and five, underlining strengths and opportunities. Employers can use the results from Gallup surveys to improve areas of weakness. They can also implement strategies to increase productivity and profits.

Others types of Gallup surveys conduct political polling and measure various economic parameters. They measure economic confidence indexes and changes in consumer spending. In addition, they measure investors' opinions on taxes and the overall economic climate.

Some surveys shed light on Americans' views of government corruption and immigration policies. They reveal to what extent Americans view the government is an immediate threat. They ask respondents to state which issues they believe are the top problems facing a country. They also take people's opinions on political issues and leaders.