What Is the Purpose of Fleet Vehicle Tracking Systems?


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The purpose of fleet vehicle tracking is to allow managers and owners to find the location of each vehicle in real time to track driver performance, to allocate new jobs to available drivers and to reduce wasted time by employees. Fleet vehicle tracking also allows the owner to track lost or stolen vehicles and create detailed work logs for each driver.

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Fleet vehicle tracking allows managers to determine the exact amount of time it takes a driver to complete a job, which results in more detailed metrics for analysis. Managers can use vehicle tracking systems to collect all of the data from each vehicle to determine the average length of each job, identify the types of jobs that feature the longest and shortest work periods, and compare fuel consumption to distance traveled. These statistics allow managers to make changes to business strategies and conduct performance evaluations for each driver.

Similarly, drivers can use tracking data to make time sheets that relay the exact distance and time spent on the driving portion of each job. As managers can see the location of vehicles in real time, they can contact drivers according to proximity to start new jobs. If one of the vehicles is stolen, a manager can also track its location and recover it.

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