What Is the Purpose of a Country of Origin Form?


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The purpose of a country of origin form, also known as a certificate of origin, is to establish a legal statement about the country that provides the raw materials for and manufacturing of the items. Some countries do not require these forms on import, while others require notarization and official review from relevant commerce organizations within the initial country.

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One reason for a certificate of origin is to create a record of authenticity for goods leaving a country so that the country receiving them can identify the appropriate taxation or tariff rates, such as with food products or textiles. This is because the certificate includes a description of the goods in addition to the statement about the country of origin, which prevents confusion or other issues when comparing the document to any other shipping forms. These forms may also be part of the taxation or invoicing documents for an exporting company.

It also allows the importing country to determine if the goods may legally enter the country, which may relate to the products or the country itself. For example, some countries may not permit the legal export of antiquities or products made from endangered species. This form verifies that the exporting company has the official approval of the country from which the goods come to ship them. Shipments without a country of origin form may trigger further inspections from customs agents.

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