What Is the Purpose of a Commercial Cleaning Contract?


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The purpose of a commercial cleaning contract is to legally bind the cleaning company and the client in an agreement that if breached can be brought to court for repercussions. If any of the details or responsibilities outlined within the contract are not delivered it is possible for the opposing party to sue or negate the contract. When negotiating any cleaning contract various steps should be taken to ensure all measures of service are detailed.

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The details within the cleaning contract must be clear and precise in order to ensure that neither party feels they have been swindled or taken for granted. Both names and addresses of both parties should be clearly stated on all contracts as well as any other pertinent contact information.

Most importantly the details of all of the cleaning responsibilities should be clearly listed. The frequency of the cleaning, the time spent cleaning and the price of all of the cleaning should be clearly outlined for the customer before any cleaning has begun. If damage or breakage of any items within the customer's premises occur, procedures should be outlined concerning what will be done during those circumstances, such as late payment or withdrawing the entire payment.

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