Where Are Purple Heart Donation Centers Located?

The charitable branch of the Military Order of the Purple Heart operates numerous donation centers across the East Coast, including states such as Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, as of 2015. It also accepts donations through its sister organization, GreenDrop, which may include mobile trailers and kiosks as well as physical processing centers.

A full list of the current GreenDrop and Purple Heart donation locations appears on GoGreenDrop.com, along with the full address of each location. Clicking on the listing for a center loads a details page that also provides the phone number and hours of operation for the location. The site also includes a search tool that allows users to locate the nearest drop off location to a specific city and state or ZIP code.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart and GreenDrop are charities that accept various items as donations to raise funds and provide amenities for different military families in need, as well as other participants in national and local charities, such as the National Federation of the Blind and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia. Both organizations accept a variety of common home items, such as clothing, shoes, bedding, kitchenware and electronics. GreenDrop redistributes some of these items to families and individuals in need or sends them to other organizations and locations for resale.