How Are Purchase Order Forms Used?


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Purchase order forms contain valuable information regarding a buyer-seller agreement of goods or services, and must be filled out in full to specify terms of the contract as well as to provide payment and shipping information. Once signed, both the buyer and the seller must comply with the terms of agreement.

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Although purchase order forms may vary depending on company, in general they provide the buyer with the means to seek goods and services from a seller. The buyer will fill out the form tailored to a specific supplier, and if both parties agree on the terms, the order form becomes legally binding, as stated by the online financial resource Accounting Tools.

Example purchase order forms and templates can be found online from websites like Entrepreneur Media, which can be useful for peoplewho are unfamiliar with the format and specificities of a purchase order form.

To fill out the form, the buyer will need to provide its companies personal information such asname, shipping address and even the employee information who made the order, as well as the products or services requested from a seller, the quantity and description of goods includingboth the individual and total price of the sale. Special delivery instructions will also be noted on the form as well as signatures of the buyer and seller.

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