How Do You Purchase Bonds From the Canadian Government?


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The Government of Canada sells Canada Savings Bonds to employees of Canadian organizations that offer the Payroll Savings Program. It also offers the Canada Premium Bond through investment brokers, financial institutions and directly through its website, but only Canadian citizens are eligible to purchase them, according to the Canada Bond Savings program. U.S. citizens who want to purchase Canadian investment bonds can do so through a brokerage licensed to operate in both countries, according to Zack's Finance.

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You can also invest in Canadian corporate and government bonds indirectly by purchasing shares in a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund that invests in the debt, such as the PIMCO Monthly Income Fund and PIMCO Canadian Total Return Bond Fund, according to the Fund Library. Other choices are the iShares DEX Universe Bond Index Fund, the Claymore Advantaged Canadian Bond ETF and the BMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF, according to Money Sense.

The DEX Universe Bond Index tracks the benchmark performance of Canadian bonds and is widely followed. DEX is composed of 70-percent government issues and 30-percent corporate bonds. TD Asset Management is a Toronto company associated with TD Bank, which has branches in the United States. It offers funds including the TD Canadian Bond Fund and the TD Corporate Bond Capital Yield Fund, reports Money Sense.

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