How Do You Publish a Book?

Publish a book by deciding on the right publisher, following the submission guidelines and signing a contract. The amount of time it takes varies widely from person to person and book to book. You need computer access and a finished manuscript.

  1. Decide on the right kind of publisher

    Decide on the right publisher for your book. Your choice should depend largely on the types of books you write. Some publishers focus on poetry, while others are more interested in nonfiction. You also need to decide whether to submit your work to small presses or large publishers. For instance, small presses are easier to break into, but they generally have less money for marketing and writer advances.

  2. Follow the submission guidelines

    After deciding to which publishers you want to submit your manuscript, read and follow the submission guidelines closely. Some publishers require hopeful authors to send a query letter and a synopsis of their book. Others want a book proposal or a sample of the book. The method of submission also varies between publishers from email and sending books digitally to correspondence through mail.

  3. Sign the contract

    Finally, sign a contract with the publisher that likes your work. Contracts usually specify manuscript length and due date, amount of the book advance, the royalty rate and the book rights.