What Publications Provide Reviews of Laptops?


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There are many publications that provide reviews of laptops, including Consumer Reports, PCMag, CNET.com and laptopmag.com. Consumer Reports and PCMag reviews are available through subscription to the actual monthly periodicals as well as online.

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Consumer Reports is one of the most well-known professional reviewers of a wide variety of household products, and it publishes a computer and laptop buying guide annually. Features include the choice of a physical magazine subscription along with online resources, as well as an intuitive product rating system and a comprehensive description of trends in new products.

Some of the more technology-specific sources may not be as comprehensive with their respective reviews as Consumer Reports, but they may offer more clarity to the technological specifications and minute details of different models that make some a better bargain than others. CNET.com and PCMag offer buying guides based on usage and software needs that may be most helpful for a tech-savvy laptop buyer.

There are many sources where a person can access useful reviews of laptops, both online and in the form of physical magazines, but the choice can be narrowed down if a person knows what the unique priorities are when comparing products. If a person is looking for specific brands, price ranges or durability, for example, there are reviews that are tailored to these specific needs of the buyer.

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