How Do You Find Public Employee Salaries in Iowa?

How Do You Find Public Employee Salaries in Iowa?

To find public employee salaries in Iowa, visit the Iowa Legislature official website and navigate to the State Employee Salary Book. The website's Publications section contains interactive fiscal analysis information, including a searchable database of employee salaries, according to the Iowa Legislature website.

The Iowa state employee salary book was reported by the Department of Administrative Services in its original form, states the Iowa Legislature website. It contains salary records for all public employees in Iowa.

  1. Log on to the Iowa Legislature official website
  2. The homepage presents a list of popular links and publications as well as an interim schedule. The top menu toolbar includes a link to the Publications page.

  3. Click Publications
  4. The Publications landing page displays information during and post session as well as a menu box on the left side. In that menu box is the Fiscal Analysis link.

  5. Click Fiscal Analysis
  6. Once on the Fiscal Analysis page, scroll down to Interactive Fiscal Information. In that section is the State Employee Salary Book link.

  7. Click State Employee Salary Book
  8. The State Employee Salary Book has two drop-down menus "” fiscal year and department "” and a box to input a name. Use the drop-down menu or name box to bring up a list of salaries to fit the query.