How Do I Get a Pub Licence?

Getting a pub license begins with understanding the regulations governing the sale of liquor and licensing of pubs in your state. Relevant information is available from the agency licensed by the state to regulate the sale of alcoholic drinks and beverages. Fill out the correct application form, as directed by the alcohol regulatory agency, making sure to comply with all necessary requirements stipulated by relevant authorities.

  1. Understand your state's laws about pub licensing

    Learn about the qualifications for bar licensing according to your state’s regulations. There are state agencies that control and regulate the sale of alcoholic drinks and operation of pubs. Get as much information as you can from these agencies to help you get a license.

  2. Complete an application form

    Fill out the application form from the alcohol control and regulation agency, and follow all directions necessary to complete the application. In most cases, the agencies handle the control of alcohol distribution, but the issuance of licenses is the responsibility of local authorities. However, information about where to submit an application is generally included on the application form.

  3. Comply with the state requirements

    Your business must comply with state requirements. There may be a mandatory interview, a visit by an inspector from the alcohol control agency or even a court hearing. After receiving your license, you must maintain it by following the laws set by the state.