What are some provisions of the MediBlue Freedom 1 insurance plan?


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The Mediblue Freedom 1 insurance plan offers coverage of both health and prescriptions, as Health Pocket claims. Coverage of in-network physician office visits are available with a $20 copay and visits to offices outside network coverage for a $50 copay.

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This health plan also offers emergency, home care, some limited dental services, and other preventative and specialty health care services, as Health Pocket reports. Members receive preventative services, exams and tests without a copay when visiting in-network offices. Prescription drugs are available with copays as little as $5 on preferred generic medications when purchased at preferred retail pharmacies. Lab services, X-ray exams and radiology services are covered at different percentages and copays depending on the type of service. In-patient hospital stays are covered up to 90 days with a $245 copay for each of the first five days, and outpatient surgery is covered at different rates depending on the type of surgery.

Vision care is covered with little to no copay depending on the service, one preventative care vision screening each year and no-cost eyeglasses for glaucoma patients. Transportation expenses and over-the-counter products are not covered by Mediblue Freedom 1. Prosthetic devices and other medical equipment are partially covered at 20 to 40 percent of the cost depending on whether the services are provided in-network or outside the network, as Health Pocket claims.

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