What Providers Offer Superior Vision Products?

What Providers Offer Superior Vision Products?

To find a provider of Superior Vision, log on to their website and go to the "Member/locate_provider" page. Superior Vision eye care services is offered through many health plans including Medicaid, Medicare, Children's Health Insurance Program and the Health Insurance Exchange. Other providers through Block Vision Insurance are Vision Insurance Plan of America, Block Vision Inc., Block Vision of Texas, Block Vision of New Jersey and Superior Vision Services Inc.

Superior Vision merged with Block Vision as well as with Vision Insurance Plan of America, or VIPA. Potential members looking for information on the company can find a Superior Vision broker by state on the company website.

Information about their plans is available to it's members through their employers by registering on the site with their social security number or member number as the ID of the primary member. Identification cards list all subscribers names.

Superior Vision is participating in the Affordable Care Act. It lists on it's website it's participation in all states that have created it's own healthcare exchange. Participants in the Affordable Care Act can sign-up for vision care through the program.

Members of the vision plan can use the website to order eyeglasses as well as contact lenses. The site has a link for a "Sight Calculator" to measure for vision problems and test for early detection of problems.