What Providers Does Amerigroup Cover in Its Dental Plans?

providers-amerigroup-cover-its-dental-plans Credit: svetikd/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The providers for Amerigroup dental plans include DentaQuest, Scion, Healthplex, TennDent and MCNA Dental, as of April 2015. The providers vary by state. In some states, Amerigroup designates specific providers based on the age of the patient and the type of insurance plan.

Amerigroup provides dental coverage in multiple states, including Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey and Nevada. In some states, such as Florida and Georgia, Amerigroup works with a single dental services provider. In Louisiana, the company does not offer dental coverage; instead, it directs patients to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals to find free or fee-for-service dental providers.

In Tennessee, dental providers vary based on the patient's age. Medicaid patients under the age of 21 are served by Tenn Dent. Amerigroup works with Dentaquest to provide services to Medicare recipients.

Amerigroup does not coordinate coverage for all groups in all states. Patients who live in Texas and receive coverage on the CHIP Perinatal plan do not have dental benefits. To serve other insured people, Amerigroup works with DentaQuest and MCNA Dental.

Amerigroup also helps customers find benefits for vision care, general health care, pharmacies, hospitals and specialists. In total, the company works with patients in 12 different states, as of April 2015, and plans to expand its network.