What Protection Does a Rental Agreement Provide for a Tenant?


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Rental agreements assure a number of rights and safeties for the renter, including the amount of rent, length of the rental, whether the renter or the landlord are responsible for utilities and any rules that the landlord may have, states New Mexico's Attorney General's Office. These written, or sometimes verbal, agreements can not be changed during the term of the lease unless both parties agree to the change. This ensures that neither party can change something without the other's knowledge and helps prevent illegal eviction practices.

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Renters have the option to ask for things to be included in the lease if they are not already, according to the Montana Department of Justice. This may be related to pets, quiet hours, agreements for repairs and utilities. Most landlords have very strict pet policies and those are normally in the rental agreement to protect both parties from any kind of issues with repairs. The landlord should also list any and all late fees or requirements with the renter's payment. The more information in the rental agreement, the better protected a renter is. Anyone renting from another person or even a business should read every part of the agreement before it is signed to ensure that there are no surprises in the document or issues that may arise later. The common practice is for renters to sign a new lease or agreement when their time is up, but some landlords may go to a month-to-month verbal agreement.

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