How Do You Protect Your Credit Card Number?


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Protect your credit card number by not lending your card to others, watch it during transactions, and carry it in a safe place, reports the Federal Trade Commission. Avoid giving your card number over the phone to unverified callers, shred unneeded bills that contain credit card information, and monitor the bills for unauthorized transactions. Additionally, use your credit card only on secure websites, cautions About.com.

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Never loan out your credit card to anyone, even children, relatives and friends, warns the Federal Trade Commission. Keep your card within view at restaurants, shops and other venues, as when it is out of sight, criminals can pass it through a card reader to copy its information, explains About.com. If you have multiple cards, minimize the risk by carrying only the one you need and leaving the rest at home. Don't disclose your credit card number on your cellphone while out in public where others can hear the conversation.

If you want to purchase something through a salesperson who contacts you by phone, verify the number by hanging up, call the company, and ask for the salesperson, advises MarketWatch. Sign up for text alerts from your credit card company to notify you of any purchases made with your card. Peruse credit card statements carefully, and promptly report any unauthorized card activity to the company.

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