How Do You Protect Your Credit Card Account Access?


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You can prevent being a victim of credit card fraud in several ways, such as making sure the credit card is in your physical possession at all times. Leaving a credit card elsewhere enables someone else to steal and misuse your account.

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Even if a credit card is returned to you at, for example, a restaurant, it could belong to someone else by mistake. Check the name on the card and return it to your wallet or purse. In addition to keeping the card accounted for, you should also never give out your credit card number or other information if possible. You don't know who is collecting the information that could enter it to make fraudulent purchases online.

When keeping track of credit card information online, it's best to alter your password and security questions periodically, making it harder for potential identity thieves to access the account. Passwords with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols are harder to crack than passwords with only lowercase letters.

If you make frequent purchases with a credit card, keep the receipts for transactions and check them against paper statements or online statements. Make sure to check statements as soon as you get them.

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