What Are the Pros and Cons of Renting a Room With a Couple Roommates?


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Renting a room with a couple of roommates is beneficial because the rent money is reduced per person and they provide companionship, but they may also make messes and reduce privacy, according to Laura Drucker from The Muse. Choose a roommate who is reliable and does not have bad credit.

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Being able to share the cost of household essentials like groceries and furniture make it much easier financially than buying them on your own, according to Mikey Rox from WiseBread. Having roommates can also be helpful to deter home intruders because someone is usually home. Roommates can also become good friends due to the amount of time they spend together and make living situations much less lonely, states Rent.com.

A negative of having roommates is that they may miss payments on the rent and create an uncomfortable situation between the tenants and the landlord, according to Rent.com. Roommates can also be sloppy and not take part in daily chores like cleaning up after their own messes creating more work for their housemates. New roommates may also have clashing personalities and not get along which can make living together unbearable. Too many roommates and not enough space can reduce the privacy that one would have while living alone.

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