What Are Some Pros and Cons on Having a Small House Built on Wheels?


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Living in a small house built on wheels can save money on utilities and allow the residents to design their own unique homes for an affordable price. However, it can be difficult to find a place to park, and it can be unpleasant for multiple people to share.

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Many of the benefits of living in a small home on wheels center around affordability. Even professionally built homes tend to be more affordable, but people with good carpentry skills can often build the home themselves. Utility costs, such as heating and electricity, are significantly lower than those of a full-size house. The trailer also makes it easy to move the entire home to a new piece of land if the residents decide to move.

Many cities and counties prohibit living in small, portable dwellings, so it can be difficult to get the appropriate permits. The small space is difficult for people who work from home or have space-consuming hobbies, because there is no room for an office or large work space. Storage can also be difficult because of the limited space, and some residents of tiny houses have trouble staying organized. Also, while tiny homes on wheels can be moved, they are difficult and expensive to haul, so people looking for a home they can move multiple times a year may do better with a typical travel trailer or motorhome.

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