How Do You Find a Property's EPC Rating?


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Find a property's Energy Performance Certificate rating by visiting EPCRegister.com and using its search tools to locate the property according to its address or report reference number, as of 2015. Some buildings do not require an Energy Performance Certificate, such as places of worship or certain kinds of temporary structures, and thus do not appear on the registry.

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Begin by choosing from the different search methods on EPCRegister.com, according to available information. If choosing the address look-up method, users must accept the site's terms of service to access the tool. First enter the post code for the building to check listings in that area, or bypass this method to look for certificates by the building's street number and post town. The report reference number search tool only requires the number to conduct the search.

The Energy Performance Certificate is part of a program from the Department for Communities and Local Governments within the United Kingdom that tracks and grades a building based on its energy efficiency. The department looks at factors pertaining to its construction, use of materials, ability to maintain proper internal temperatures without significant loss of heat, and the total amount of electricity it uses to determine the ranking, which ranges from an A to a G and lasts for 10 years.

In Scotland, property owners must display the rating on the building itself, typically near its other home energy systems, such as the water boiler or electricity meter.

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