How Do You Get Your Property Dimensions?


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Check the deed to your property or the property survey that came at closing. Both of these should have the dimensions of your property on it. If you don't have these anymore, the office in charge of storing records for your county should have the survey on file.

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Take a look at your deed first. This document has a description of the measurements of the property as well as the boundaries written out in words. The landmarks in the description help you figure out where your exact property lines are now. Use a cone or stake to mark each corner, and measure from one stake to the next until you have measurements of the entire perimeter. Check these figures with what you see in your deed.

On the property survey, you see such numbers as the distance between the property line and your house, or the property line and the street. These numbers also provide perspective on the actual location of property lines, so that you and your neighbors both act responsibly when it comes to building fences and figuring out ways to manage your property.

If you've lost the deed and survey, the county assessor's office has maps available for public viewing that show neighborhoods and streets. Ask for a copy of maps that provide access to clear sightlines to your property line.

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