What Properties Are for Sale in Clearwater, Montana?

Clearwater, Montana, has a mixture of commercial and residential properties for sale, along with condominiums, apartments and vacant land, as noted by Clearwater Montana Properties Inc. (CMP). Homeowners searching for a living space in Clearwater might find manufactured homes, mobile homes, log cabins, ranch homes, colonials and multi-story homes. Commercial real estate might include farm and ranch land, development lots, retail centers and business centers.

For individuals and families, apartment units, single-family homes and multi-family units are potential real estate options. Apartments range in size from one- and two-bedroom units to townhomes with bedrooms, a living room and deck. Multi-family homes may have two separate front entrances and a shared driveway. The homes may also divide families by floor. Condominiums are another type of Clearwater real estate; they feature separate multi-family living spaces with shared amenities, notes CMP.

Additionally, office, retail and industrial properties are available in Clearwater. Office properties are set up for businesses; they are frequently located in highly traveled areas in office parks, high-rise buildings and other high-profile settings. Industrial lots are available for agriculture, logging and ranching. They may include warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. Retail properties are typically in shopping centers and busy areas. These properties include spacious facilities for merchandise, product shipping and receiving, along with showrooms or main sales areas.