How Do You Properly Format an Inspection Report?


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The method for formatting an inspection report depends on the type of property being inspected and the purpose of the report. In general, all inspection reports include a description of the property or facility being inspected, the physical address, a description of the results and the inspector's name.

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When determining the proper method for formatting an inspection report, consider the nature of agency to which you are submitting the form. Many government agencies, such as local, state and federal health departments, publish strict guidelines regarding what information must appear on various reports. In these circumstances, check the website of the organization to look for a list of guidelines or sample inspection forms. These typically explain how to word identifying information, classify different aspects of the property and identify the inspector.

The nature of the property being inspected also plays a role in formatting an inspection report because different property types include different features. For example, the format of an office-safety inspection form should prioritize compliance with state laws, escape routes and the presence of any safety hazards. Alternatively, a home-sale inspection report should include information about structural integrity, plumbing and heating systems, electrical wiring, built-in appliances and compliance with building codes.

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