How Do You Properly Fill Out a Money Order?

Use a black gel pen to fill in the details of the purchaser, payee and address as soon as you purchase the money order, recommends MoneyGram. These steps will deter anyone from misusing the money order.

Money orders are a safe and secure mode of payment when cash or checks cannot be used. The fee charged is affordable, and they can be cashed at multiple locations across the country, states USPS. However, you need to fill in the money order properly to make sure the intended recipient gets the money. Using a black gel pen to fill in the money order is recommended, because it is more difficult to erase. Also, never leave the money order blank or leave any blank spaces on it. Fill in your full name and the complete name of the recipient, and include relevant address details on the money order as well, says MoneyGram.

Before sending the money order, you should write down the serial number, recommends USPS. This will help trace a missing money order. Also retain the receipt obtained on purchase of the money order until the recipient has confirmed receiving it and cashing it, suggests MoneyGram. When possible, hand over the money order personally instead of dropping it in a collection box to ensure greater safety.