How Do You Properly Fill Out a Job Application?

How Do You Properly Fill Out a Job Application?

Tips for filling out a job application include following instructions carefully, customizing answers to fit the job, completing all sections of the application and answering questions truthfully. It is important to consult with references before listing them.

Review the entire application to ensure that you understand what is required before starting to fill in information. Fill out the application as legibly and neatly as possible, preferably using a black or blue pen. Carry important documents including driver’s license, Social Security card, resume, and phone numbers and addresses of previous employers to the job application.

Ensure that your accomplishments and skills closely match the job at hand. Include specific details of experience earned from school, previous jobs, volunteer work, and clubs and organizations. Ensure that the cover letter and resume also closely match the job you are applying for.

Fill in all the sections of the resumes including sections or questions that do not apply to you. Respond to these sections with Not Applicable. Although you may attach a resume to the application, avoid answering questions with See Resume.

Lastly, answer all questions truthfully because the prospective employer is likely to conduct a background check or to verify information provided on the application. Be positive and avoid providing negative information such as being downsized or fired from a previous job.