What Is the Proper Way to Write a Check?

proper-way-write-check Credit: Kathleen Finlay/Image Source/Getty Images

To write a check, fill in the date line and the name of the payee next to "Pay to the Order Of." Write the dollar amount twice — with numerals in the box and in words on the line below. Sign the check on the lower right line.

Most fields on a check are self-explanatory. The dollar amounts often cause confuse for check writers. The square next to the payee's name is for the amount written in numbers. Write the number close to the left side of the box so that no one can add an extra number at the beginning.

The next line is the word version of the amount and is used to verify the amount. Write the cents as a fraction. An example is "two thouand three hundred twenty two and 22/100." The memo line is optional. Use it for notes to yourself about the check.