What Is the Proper Way to Request Vacation Time From Work?

What Is the Proper Way to Request Vacation Time From Work?

The proper way to request vacation time from work is to make a written formal request to the boss using the company’s vacation days guidelines for reference. Additional tips for requesting vacation time include planning around work, giving plenty of notice and picking a good day to submit the request.

Write a formal request to the boss politely and professionally asking for time off. Refer to the employee handbook for company guidelines on vacation days to ensure that the request is in line with company procedure. Look up the number of vacation days, whether they roll over from year to year and how they accrue.

Plan the vacation request keeping in mind existing workload. Consider deadlines, events and major projects that fall directly after or during the time off. Factor in colleagues' workloads and needs and how taking time off affects the work of the team.

Set some target dates and give sufficient notice. Avoid presenting the request as a demand to increase the chances of success. Avoid making vacation commitments such as booking hotels or flights before getting the request approved. Provide as much notice as possible for dates that must be kept, and come up with solutions for coverage.

Lastly, pick a good day to hand in the request. Avoid days when the boss is stressed out or is attending back-to-back meetings. Choose regular face-to-face meetings to submit the request.