What Is the Proper Format to Write a Dispute Letter to the Credit Bureaus?


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A dispute letter to credit bureaus should clearly identify the name and mailing address of the individual making the dispute. The letter should also clearly identify each item in the report that is being disputed, as well as facts that support the reason for the dispute.

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A person who wishes to dispute his credit report should submit his dispute in writing. The letter should be mailed certified mail, to have a record of the credit reporting bureau receiving it. Copies of the letter, as well as supporting documentation sent with it, should be retained by the sender.

The explanation as to why the writer is disputing his credit report should be concise. It should clearly state why the writer believes the report is incorrect, and any documentation that backs up the writer's claim should be attached.

Credit reporting agencies have 30 days to investigate the items that are being disputed, unless the credit reporting agency feels that the dispute is frivolous. If the credit reporting bureau finds that the writer's claims are correct, it must notify all of the credit reporting agencies so that those agencies can correct the information on the writer's file. Once the investigation is complete, the credit reporting agency must provide its decision in writing.

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