What Is the Proper Format for a Registered Nurse Resume?


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The proper format for a registered nurse resume includes contact information and relevant professional designations at the top of the document, according to About.com. Nurses who have little experience should include education near the top of the resume; while experienced nurses benefit from first detailing their experience.

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The format for listing experience on a nursing resume should be reverse chronological, with current positions coming first, explains About.com. The experience section needs a one-sentence description of each employer to help pinpoint the type of work the individual did. The sentence can include information about the type of facility, number of beds and average patient population. Job descriptions should include more action verbs as opposed to adverbs and adjectives. If applicable, the job description should include metrics, awards or results for measuring performance.

The proper resume format typically also has sections for awards and recognition and volunteer experience, according to About.com. Information regarding awards and recognition needs to detail the year of an award, its criteria and how many people were nominated for the award if the numbers are beneficial. The volunteer experience section can help make up for a work experience section that might be lacking, and it demonstrates more skills and a nursing job applicant's compassion for people.

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