What Is the Proper Format of a Letter of Intent?


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A letter of intent begins with a formal business heading addressed to a specific person and includes that person's position and company name or college. The first paragraph describes the purpose of the letter and how the writer found the position or program.

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The second paragraph describes information about the applicant. If the letter is for an educational opportunity, some important information includes the school the applicant currently attends, his grade year, his grade point average and his chosen area of study. If the letter is for an employment opportunity, this paragraph includes the applicant's availability and current relevant pursuits.

The third paragraph includes any pertinent credentials. These are carefully aligned with specifications from either the college's department website or the employer's job description. For an employment opportunity, include completed education and any certifications or coursework that applies to the job. For an educational opportunity, include volunteer experience and extracurricular interests.

The next paragraph is focused on the program or position and why the applicant is interested in it. This includes reasons that the applicant is a good choice to fit the job or program. The applicant concludes the letter with a request for a response and interview as well as his contact information. The close consists of a formal "sincerely" and the applicant's full name and signature.

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