What Is the Proper Format of a Certificate of Employment Letter?

The proper format for a certificate of employment letter should include an opening paragraph introducing the writer and stating the purpose of the letter, with subsequent paragraphs identifying the employee in question and explaining the details of the employee according to the needs of the recipient. It should include standard business formatting for the address and appear on company letterhead when available.

A certificate of employment letter allows an employee to prove current employment with a company to a third party, commonly as a means of ensuring financial solvency when applying for a loan or other similar matter. The letter typically comes from the employee's direct supervisor, though a member of the human resources department may also draft the letter if necessary. It should appear on the company's letterhead or come from a company email address to serve as proof of its authenticity, along with the name, position and contact information of the writer if the recipient has any questions.

The letter needs to begin by stating that it to serve as proof that the employee in question currently works for the company, listing the name and title of the employee along with the type of employment. The letter may also need to include the employee's salary or current pay rate as well as a brief description of the responsibilities for the position. It should not feature any other personal information about the employee or the benefits that come with the job.