What Are the Proper CPT Codes for a Sleep Study?


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Health care providers may use several current procedural terminology codes to describe sleep studies, such as 95800, 95801, 95806, 95807 and 97808, according to Premera. CPT codes vary with the level of monitoring procedures performed during a particular study.

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For example, CPT code 95800 stands for an unattended sleep study that involves the simultaneous monitoring of heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory function and time spent asleep, notes Premera. CPT code 95806 defines a sleep study that measures the ventilation, ECG, respiratory effort and oxygen saturation without an attendant. Code 95807 is the same as 95806, except a technologist attends to the patient. CPT code 95808 indicates a technologist-attended sleep study with a polysomnography performed on a patient and sleep staging with one to three additional parameters of sleep. The CPT code 95811 monitors airways with continuous positive airway pressure therapy or bilevel ventilation.

CPT codes take into account four types of monitored sleep studies approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, says Premera. A type one sleep study involves a standard study attended by a technologist, whereas type two studies use portable polysomnography machines. Type three and four sleep studies revolve around sleep apnea testing and measuring for airflow during sleep. No CPT code exists for an unattended polysomnography, which is a diagnostic test that uses monitoring equipment to record physiologic variables in order to ascertain the severity of a patient's obstructive sleep apnea.

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