What Is the Proper Biodata Format?


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The proper biodata format is similar to that of a resume, except that the biographical data may be one to three pages in length and begin with personal characteristics such as date of birth, father’s name, marital status, religion and other personal information. Unlike a resume, which concentrates on information relative to the position, biodata sheets focus on the personal characteristics of the individual. Some of the information is illegal for employers to collect in the United States.

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Some companies prefer their own format of biodata and supply applicants with copies. In general, the biodata sheet is similar in structure to most resumes, with a few differences. The first section of the sheet normally provides personal information and characteristics. These include the applicant’s name, address, father’s name, age, religion, nationality, sex, marital status and contact information. This section may also include information about the applicant’s hobbies, interests, community activities and club memberships.

The next section provides a detailed view of the applicant’s educational experience, starting with the most recently attended institutions first. It is a matter of personal judgment whether the applicant includes elementary and high school information. This section should also include any academic degrees, awards or certifications the applicant holds.

The next section outlines the applicant’s work experience and qualifications, including any professional designations or awards received during the course of previous employment. The applicant should include any special training and accomplishments in this section as well.

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