What Are Some Promotional Products to Bring to a Trade Show?


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Promotional products that work well for trade shows are useful, durable items, such as pens, USB thumb drives, USB car chargers, tablet styluses, mugs, and reusable bags branded with a business name, logo, and website address or telephone number. Giveaways with a business connection, such as bookmarks from a bookseller or seasoning packets from a restaurant supplier, are ideal. Quality is important, and items that break easily or have no value to the potential customer reflect poorly on the business.

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Other options for trade show promotional products include travel mugs, packaged breath mints, lip balms and reusable water bottles, all branded. One creative idea, which speaks to the attendees' needs during the show, is a small, branded care package with items such as aspirin, bandages, hand sanitizer and a small bottle of water. Depending on the marketing budget, t-shirts are popular, are easily branded, are worn frequently and last a long time.

Because trade show attendees often have a lot to carry, experienced exhibitors recommend thinking small. One option is individually wrapped, branded tea bags with a coupon attached, or a stylish mobile phone case. Another option is to replace promotional product giveaways with a drawing or contest with a desirable prize, which requires attendees to leave business cards or contact information. This type of promotion attracts attendees to the exhibit and provides valuable information at the same time.

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