What Is a Promotional Campaign?


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A promotional campaign is a sustained media presence intended to generate interest in a given product or company or to change the image of an existing product, service or corporate entity through branded and goal-oriented advertising, according to the website Marketing Schools. Promotional campaigns are intended to set the public mood toward a property by showing that property in a positive light and developing its brand presence in the public eye.

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Promotional campaigns may last for long periods of time, but they are generally short-term and focused on generating a sharp spike in buzz in order to better a company's reputation in the long term. They rely heavily on special offers and other short-term programs, according to Marketing Schools.

Coupons and discounts are one form of promotional campaigning intended to draw buyers to a specific market and, even after the sale's conclusion, keep them invested in it. A promotional campaign aims to distinguish its originator as the best in their class for any number of reasons.

Even small companies can use promotional marketing so long as they have the resources to provide customers with extras over a short period. These campaigns can help businesses to expand by driving sales for their duration and leaving owners with more liquid funds to use in bettering their businesses.

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