How Do You Get Promoted at a Bank?


To get promoted at a bank, develop mentoring relationships, quantify results, practice self-promotion and create a good relationship with the boss. Getting promoted may result in better pay, improved hours and more responsibilities.

Mentors are great sources of career guidance and information. Building mentoring relationships with people higher up in the company helps to earn favor with others in top positions. Some banks have mentorship programs that make it easy for employees to develop such relationships.

Quantifying results involves providing detailed results of past and current successes and future strategies. Keeping a record of all activities which positively impact the bank’s bottom line is a good place to start. This strategy also shows commitment and loyalty to the organization.

Self-promotion means letting people responsible for promotions know about major personal accomplishments within the organization. A good way to do this is to send progress report emails and sharing past accolades.

Lastly, developing a good relationship with the boss increases the chances of getting promoted. Highlighting interest in staying with the bank long-term and seeking counsel in a professional setting are good ways to cultivate this relationship. Share ideas on how to overcome obstacles and go over accomplishments with the boss using performance appraisals. Learning about the boss’s interests outside of work and discussing them during informal settings such as parties or conferences is also a good way to create rapport.