What Are a Project Manager's Duties?

Planning the project, managing project staff, executing and evaluating the outcome of the project are some of the key duties of a project manager. A project manager is the person responsible for achieving the goals of a given project.

As a project planner, the project manager creates a detailed work plan that identifies and sequences activities to be completed. He defines the scope and objectives of the project in collaboration with the senior management. A project manager also determines the resources required to complete the project and ensures all the resources are allocated effectively.

In consultation with the human resources manager, a project manager recruits, interviews and selects staff with appropriate skills for project activities. He manages the project staff according to the organizational policies and practices and ensures all project personnel understand the scope and objectives of the project.

The project manager implements the project according to the plan. He monitors the progress of the project, makes any necessary adjustments and reviews the quality of the completed work on a regular basis. The project manager informs the stakeholders and other appropriate staff in the organization on the progress of the project. He also ensures the project is completed on time, within the budget and at the required quality level.