What Is a Project Coordinator?

project-coordinator Credit: Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

A project coordinator is a administrative professional who oversees the day-to-day operations of a particular project within an organization. Project coordinators work for a variety of industries, including human resources, production, consultation, healthcare and information technology businesses.

For example, an IT project coordinator is generally responsible for compiling project status reports, overseeing project meetings, pinpointing and resolving information technology problems within the company and creating project schedules for lower-level employees. An IT project coordinator can also draft project proposals, regulate the requirements for the project and set anticipated completion dates for projects.

Project coordinators usually work in office settings but might be required to travel to other locations to supervise on-site project tasks. Some project coordinators work full-time for companies, while others are hired on an as-needed basis.

Project coordinators usually hold bachelor's degrees in business administration or facility management. However, some project coordinators have industry-specific degrees and related experience coordinating temporary projects for one or more employers within their fields.

Individuals who are interested in becoming project coordinators should secure a bachelor's degree in a related field and complete a project coordinator internship while in school, according to Education Portal. The completed internship gives these individuals transferable skills that help them stand out among the other candidates when applying for project coordinator positions.