What Are Some Programs Funded by the World Wildlife Fund?


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The World Wildlife Fund sponsors many programs including the Trans-Oceanic Cooperation for Bycatch Reduction, the African Rift Lakes Programme and forest management in Romania and Bulgaria with IKEA, as of 2015. Typically, the World Wildlife Fund provides funding for over 3,000 projects at any given time. The group funds programs in many areas, including climate change, forest management, fresh water, oceans and wildlife as well as a sustainable world food supply.

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The Trans-Oceanic Cooperation for Bycatch Reduction is a global program designed to reduce the amount of sea life that is inadvertently trapped and killed by commercial fishing operations. The World Wildlife Fund's goal is to establish procedures, communication and mitigating techniques to reduce the damage. One project in the program is the Trans-Atlantic Leatherback Conservation Initiative, which is designed to reduce sea turtle mortality rates in fishing nets by tracking the species migration patterns and using the data to establish effective no-fishing times and zones.

The African Rift Lakes Programme operates numerous programs to help maintain and manage the water and resources of the continent's great lakes, including Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Kivu and Lake Edward. These programs also help protect the lakes' watersheds, including the Nile and Congo rivers and the area wildlife such as African elephants, rhinos and great apes.

In Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine, the World Wildlife Fund is working with IKEA, which sources over 25 percent of its hardwoods from the region, to develop conservation plans and practices for better forest resource management.

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