What Programs Are Available on Caesar's Total Return?

Caesar's Total Returns is a non-cash reward system for employees that stretches across the company. The initiative gives employees credits for things like customer service surveys, customer compliments, safety and community service. The employees can then redeem those points for anything from electronics to travel to bicycles. The exact programs vary from location to location, as on-site managers determine what awards and tasks are best for their specific group of employees.

The Total Return Program for Caesars employees engages approximately 60,000 employees across Caesars' 40 individual properties, and the program contributes heavily to the business's goal of excellent customer service. Statistics show that employees use their Total Return points to purchase items that are meaningful to themselves and those they care about, in contrast to a cash-award program where employees essentially earn extra income for everyday expenses.

Employees of the company accumulate credits at a break-neck pace and "purchase" luxury items that they likely could not afford without the program. The program is tiered, so there are several award levels, including diamond, gold and platinum. Teams can work together to climb to a higher tier and elevated status, which has created a bonded culture in the company.

Additionally, the program is standardized, so it is a fair motivator across the company. The rules are easy to understand and employees are eager to work together to achieve greater customer service goals, which is good for the company and the employees. Quarterly customer service surveys allow every employee at each property to be given a baseline number of credits for achieving group goals, while at the same time leaving individual performance opportunities available to each employee.