How Do You Program a Norstar M7310?

To program a Norstar M7310, log in to the system programming menu, and then select an option to change such as time, date, speed dial keys or phone name. Once the user enters system programming mode, the telephone's button functions may differ. Those functions return to normal once the user exits programming.

With just a few simple steps, a user can enter the administrative programming section of the Norstar M7310. This allows a business to customize the phone for its own needs.

  1. Log in to system programming
  2. Press FEATURE **266344. The system will ask for a password, which is 266344. Use the navigation keys to display the information to be changed or updated.

  3. Change the time
  4. Navigate to TIME & DATE. Press the CHANGE key twice and the display will prompt the user to enter the hour, in 24-hour format. Press NEXT to enter the minutes.

  5. Change the date
  6. Press NEXT and the display will show DD/MM/YY. Press CHANGE to enter the year, press NEXT to navigate to month, and then again to the day.

  7. Enter speed dial numbers
  8. In the main menu, navigate to SYS SPEED DIAL. Press SHOW and there will be a prompt to enter the speed dial number, such as 01 or 02. Press CHANGE to enter the phone number associated with the speed dial number.

  9. Change the phone's name
  10. Navigate to NAMES in the main menu. Press SHOW and enter a phone extension when prompted. Press CHANGE to enter the name. End the session by pressing RLS.