How Do You Program a Cash Register?


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To program a simple Sharp electronic cash register and models like it, first put the manager's key in the Mode switch and turn to select Z/PGM. When asked for the date, enter it in MMDDYY format. Save this and all other programmed settings by pressing the #/SBTL key. To set the time, remove the key and reinsert into the Mode switch. Again, select Z/PGM. Enter the time in the 24-hour clock format and save.

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Repeat the key removal, insertion and selection of Z/PGM to set the local tax rate. Press 9, and then choose the number of tax rates that will be entered. Press @/TM and input the local tax rate. It should be entered as a six-digit number. To obtain said number, convert the tax rate to a decimal and multiply it by 10,000.

Press @/TM again to enter the minimum taxable amount. This is the lowest price paid on which taxes are applicable. To program it, take the minimum taxable amount and add one. It should not be programmed in decimal format; instead, multiply the number by 100 and enter the result. To lock in the programmed rate, press CA/AT/NS.

Other cash register models may require more advanced programming. More advanced models need the store's entire inventory entered, along with the price of each item. This can be completed in program mode. Hit the Subtotal key and enter the code that designates the inventory item, then enter the price, including decimal points. To lock it in, hit Subtotal again.

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