What Are Some Profitable Silver Stocks to Buy?


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The profitability of stocks depends on the purchase price and the performance of the stock market as a whole as well as several other factors, but some stocks that have performed well in 2015 include ProShares Ultra Silver, Silver Wheaton and Silver Standards Resources Inc., according to the Investor Place and Fortune websites. Investors should meet with an investment professional with questions.

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Silver stocks come in many forms, including exchange-trade funds and mining companies, states Bankrate.com. Electronic funds transfers (EFTs) are the purchase of silver in stock form, while mining company stocks are stocks in the actual company that mines for silver. Stocks in a mining company may have a greater risk, as investors are not only relying on the price of silver, but on the company itself. Mining company stocks, such as Silver Wheaton, can be a promising purchase because the companies may have more room for growth than the commodities themselves. Silver Wheaton is sold on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SLW.

ProShares Ultra Silver is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AGQ, and Silver Standards Resources Inc. is under the symbol SSRI. Like all stocks, these stocks are susceptible to the confidence in the United States Dollar, Federal Reserve rates and several other factors, so investors should meet with a professional and carefully review past prices and expected trends before purchasing any stock.

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