What Are Some Profitable Careers in Telecommunications?


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Potentially profitable careers in telecommunications include those in engineering, product management, sales, and public and government relations. Some of the factors that may affect salary include experience, qualifications, job responsibilities and the organization.

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Different types of engineers in the telecommunications industry include test engineers and applications or software engineers. Many of these positions require a degree in systems engineering, electrical engineering or computer science in addition to knowledge of various programming languages. Test engineers are mainly tasked with ensuring that products work while applications or software engineers write code.

Product managers help develop products - such as caller ID, wireless service and voice mail - and determine which product or service is sold to the consumer. Knowledge of the technology, experience working in telecommunications and an MBA in a related field may be required for such positions.

Salespeople are responsible for the actual selling of the product to customers. Sales engineers or technical sales representatives often work with salespeople to answer customer’s technical questions. Sales positions typically pay a commission on top of a base salary.

Lastly, public and government relations officials work with both the press and the government. Responsibilities may include working with the press to get favorable coverage, helping to draft legislation and lobbying government officials.

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