What Is Professional Development for Educators?


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Professional development for educators refers to any formal or organized instruction system that helps teachers and other educational professionals enhance and develop the skills necessary to teach students more effectively. This can include training seminars in new teaching methods, instructional courses on specific programs or traditional classes in the teacher's subject of expertise to increase general knowledge.

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The concept of professional development for educators revolves around a constant pursuit of learning that focuses on improving the ability to teach. Many colleges and universities offer special programs that focus on the practice of the teaching process in order to improve the quality of the education system, with some offering special designations or certifications for specific teaching techniques and concepts. In many cases, this includes incorporating psychology concepts as well as tactics that come from extensive research on the process of learning within a specific segment, such as elementary school children, in order to deliver information in a manner more relevant to students.

Some areas of professional development for educators also focus on helping teachers increase knowledge within certain subjects, such as a math teacher learning calculus in order to begin teaching classes in this subject. These courses typically focus primarily on teaching the educators the practical concepts of the subject, though some may include instruction on how to build lesson plans around the ideas and effective methods for teaching the subject in certain environments.

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