What Are Some of the Products Sold by Title Nine?

Title Nine specializes in outdoor and athletic apparel for women. Some notable product lines include The Bottom Line performance pants, See & Be Seen reflective athletic wear, Impossible halter-top swimwear, Power of 9 Graphic Tees, and Adventure Ready dresses. Its full catalog and retail locations are available at TitleNine.com.

Title Nine offers a "360 Guarantee," which promises year-round exchange or a full refund for any customers unhappy with their purchases. The website includes a "Big Book of Bras," which allows customers to narrow their bra searches according to size, color, support rating, style and pricing. Title Nine prides itself on hiring models who are everyday women who are capable of incredible things in order for its customers to better see themselves and identify with those in the catalog.

Although it has operated as an online store since its founding by Missy Park in 1989, Title Nine has since opened 23 stores in 11 different states, including California, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin. Park now serves as the company's CEO.

The store name refers to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which ruled it against the law to discriminate due to sex in athletics at both the high school and college levels.