What Are Some Products Sold at Fred's Super Dollar Store?

Fred's Super Dollar carries a variety of products for the home, family and work, including party supplies, cleaning products, pet supplies, hardware and toys. The company also sells greeting cards, health and beauty supplies, houseware, books and garden supplies.

Fred's Super Dollar also carries small appliances for the home and kitchen, such as vacuum cleaners, slow cookers, irons, coffee makers and electric mixers. The company sells small appliances from well-known brands, including Mr. Coffee, Magic Chef, Kitchen Selectives and Crock-Pot, as of 2015.

Customers can find the nearest Fred's Super Dollar location by using the Find a Store button on the company's website. Visitors can also view Fred's weekly ads and find coupons for products sold in the store.

Founded in 1947, Fred's operates a network of more than 650 discount retail stores in parts of the Southeastern and Midwestern United States. In addition to its retail stores, the company also operates more than 350 pharmacies in 15 states. The company's first store was located in Coldwater, Mississippi, but in 1953 Fred's moved its headquarters to Memphis, Tennessee.

The company mostly focuses on smaller markets, as the majority of Fred's locations are in towns with a population of less than 15,000 people.