What Are Some Products Sold by Farm Stores?

What Are Some Products Sold by Farm Stores?

Farm implements, tractor parts and accessories, feed and livestock supplies, fencing and gates, and poultry supplies and equipment are some of the products sold by farm stores. Farm stores typically sell many other types of products as well including men's and women's clothing, sporting goods, equestrian supplies, garden supplies and tools.

Implements are usually available for a variety of farm equipment sizes from small utility attachments to full-size commercial farm plows, discs, harrows, tillers, and seeders and spreaders. Seeds for different crops, weed killers, and bug and pest control chemicals are stocked as well.

All equipment required for the care, feeding, breeding, and raising of livestock and farm animals is available at most farm stores. Typically, baby chicks and ducklings can be purchased for starter stock as well. Many stores also have extensive equestrian supplies, including saddles, tack, training and riding gear.

Farm stores also sell work clothes, clothing items and accessories such as coveralls, boots, work gloves, hats and foul weather gear also. Home gardening supplies, including fertilizers, mowers, trimmers and flower bulbs and starts are available in season.

Sporting goods available at farm stores include fishing equipment such as rods and reels, ice fishing gear, lures and tackle boxes, and hunting gear such as blinds, targets, decoys, ammunition and firearms.