What Are Some Products Sold by Alsco?

What Are Some Products Sold by Alsco?

Alsco sells an extensive line of business promotional items, including pens, magnets, travel mugs, t-shirts and awards. Alsco customizes its merchandise with user-supplied company logos or plain text.

Alsco offers promotional pens that vary in style and quality. Online customers upload their companies' logos or enter plain text to create the custom pens. Customers choose pen and font color, and Alsco stamps or engraves logos, depending on the pen's material. Pen production time is five business days.

Alsco sells a variety of magnet sizes and shapes, including car magnets. The company can customize stock shape magnets with color selection, graphics and text. Customers create magnets by uploading graphic and logo files or by entering plain text. Customers may also choose custom shape magnets, which Alsco cuts around the shape of the logos. Minimum ordering requirements vary by style.

Alsco has an extensive line of customizable travel mugs. Its selection runs from simple plastic mugs to stainless steel tumblers. The company stamps or engraves uploaded logos depending on material. Customers choose mug and printing colors. Production time ranges from three days to one week and varies by mug.

Alsco carries t-shirts for adults and children and a variety of styles and sizes. Choices available include long-sleeved, short-sleeved, athletic, Henley and baseball style. T-shirts have silk-screen logos, and customers choose t-shirt and logo colors. T-shirt order production times are available only after order placement.

Alsco's selection of awards includes plaques, trophies and ribbons. Plaques are available in marble, crystal and metal and are custom engraved. The extensive trophy selection includes cups, plates and statues. Award ribbons come in a variety of styles, sizes and color options and are custom stamped.

Aslco charges a set-up fee for most custom orders. Delivery options are standard and one-day rush.